Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well Here I Am

Freshman in college, so far I'm loving it all.  I go to a two year tech school, school work isn't too difficult but it sure is a damn lot of work haha.  Yet, I'm not as lazy as I thought I'd be. IN FACT I LOVE IT.  I have a programing class where the instructor basically told me I don't have to come back for the rest of the semester because I've completed all the assignments for the next three weeks and as long as I stay ahead, I don't have to show up for class.

Apartment life is awesome too.  I live with a couple of my best friends back from high school, and some random guy who is really cool.  The only problem with four people in one apartment isn't space..I don't mind the crowded environment at's the food.  Food goes out way too fast with four people eating three meals a day.  It would be better if everyone would contribute to the food stockpile equally, but so far it hasn't really been that way.  I'm not really complaining about anybody in particular though, it's all good.

I've been having a problem with my sleeping patterns.  Definitely not used to being with friends everyday playing Halo till 4am and then sleeping in till like 2pm (inadvertently skipping class haha).  The problem is slowly fixing itself because I'm seriously not enjoying the death that follows me to class everyday so it's getting to the point where I can't possibly stay up later than midnight.

Pour Juice On Your Chin?  Yah I know you're wondering.  It's a line from an awesome song I've been obsessed with recently.  I'm not going to tell you what it is, but you should totally look it up..(oh and for those who know are awesome :D )

The reason for this blog?  Ehhh...boredom I guess.  Even with my homework piling up on me I've read it over and over, "apathy is death."  And well..I don't want to die.   What's going to be covered in my blog?  I haven't completely decided it yet.  Anything, everything.  I have this thing where I like to do everything, but I never get good at anything for that reason.  I care more for the experience than the expertise (one day this is really going to come back and bite me, but right now...I'm enjoying life because of it)

Oh and for future reference.  I like to start a blog, leave it open, and come back to it like every ten minutes, but sometimes it might be hours before I return again...sooo things can get a bit hectic because I'll forget what I was talking about.

HUMOR YOU SAY?  I guess I can be pretty funny a lot of the times.  Right now I'm in a pretty serious mood because I just got done buckling down and doing a ton of homework.  It's all done now..but I'm still in that "NO PROCRASTINATING, GET IT DONE NOW"

My friend just got a skullamanjaro after getting pwned for about 5 minutes.
That is all.

Anyway... >:3


ok I think I'm done for today.


That boy needs therapy.


  1. i think i'd get bored at a trade school. something about doing the same job for the rest of my life scares me.

  2. ^ jobs do evolve with time. The final product may be the same, but the procedure will change with technology. ^_^

  3. I love how random it is! haha
    Can't wait for more :))

  4. haha like your post, will be interesting to hear more from you soon =)

  5. Nice blog, good to see you're getting started.
    moar moar moar!

  6. frontier psychiatrist I believe?